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Richard H. Morris richard.morris at web-designers.co.uk
Fri Jan 5 14:07:11 CST 2001

Matthew Fischer [mfischer at e-fishsolutions.com] asked:

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> So my question is (yes, I do have a question), how should I
> approach this with my former client?

I'd do nothing overt but monitor the site from time to time to see how
they're doing.

It sounds like the Client doesn't browse/use it's own site so they probably
won't appreciate what they *will* perceive to be sour grapes.

When they do figure out the problems, that's when they'll come to you.

We've lost one Client whose PR Officer wanted to handle their web site
locally. It now doesn't comply with their (International) house style -
although their HQ site doesn't either - and indeed has the default
background so that their GIFs are either big white squares on a grey
background, or have poor drop shadows.

They may eventually catch on and come back to us: we made the transition as
painless as possible so that we'd be seen to be as professional as possible.

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