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Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Fri Jan 5 14:21:11 CST 2001

Jake Stetser wrote:

> If you're really married to the idea of having this script, make sure you
> have alternate navigation for the millions and millions of people who a)
> surf with javascript off, b) use alternative browsers (text only, audio,
> braille?), c) may have that odd version of IE or Netscape that doesn't do
> the Javascript correctly...

i've been browsing this group for quite some time now, and the topic of
developing a site for a specific market has come up a million times: i.e. 800 x
600 vs. 640 x 480, drop-downs vs. standard, liquid design vs. static design,
etc.  we've critiqued sites until their designers probably chuck the whole d*mn
idea and move back to the drawing board.  but one issue that constantly leaves
me somewhere between amused and confused is that of browsing with JAVASCRIPT

How does one use the full potential of the internet these days with javascript

Without relying on some strange scripting procedure or a server-sided site, the
limitations of plain ole html are endless.  i've tried browsing without
javascript and my most favorite wastes of time are non-existent.  would we even
have browser detection?

i don't want to start a discussion about the demographics of web users, but is
it really millions and millions of users without such fine advancements of NN /
IE 4+ or javascript / flash enabled.  you get the picture i think . . .

i guess it's always been people on the edge, pushing the limits, that make the
transition from old to new.  the rest of us, playing with old ideas, resisting
the use of some very innovative techniques of navigation, for example, will
always be on the back end, don't you think?

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