[thelist] Submitting contents of form only once

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri Jan 5 14:27:11 CST 2001

The easiest way (and maybe only way) would be to make changes such as the

<script lang...>
  var submitted = false;
  function check_submit()
     if (submitted) return false;
     return (submitted = true);
     // only one equal sign because it's being set too

<form method="..." action="..." onsubmit="return check_submit();">
  <input type="submit">

To protect yourself on the server side you might think about including a uid
in a hidden form field that gets recorded somewhere (session variable and/or
with the record) and then you can do a quick check to make sure the request
not already been processed before continuing.

Hopefully that helps.


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> Does anyone know an easy way, using JavaScript and/or ASP, to make a form
> submitted only the first time a user clicks the Submit button? I'm doing a
> simple database insert with the contents of a form, and since it's a long
> form, users have a tendency to click the Submit button a few times.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> --Ben Gustafson
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