[thelist] What would you do?

Matthew Fischer mfischer at e-fishsolutions.com
Fri Jan 5 17:41:12 CST 2001

On 1/5/01 at 4:03 PM, sebastien at oven.com (Seb Barre) wrote:

> I based my suggestions on the fact that Matthew seemed eager to find a way 
> to get his client back.  This is a good way.  If the client reacts badly, 
> then that's too bad, but I still believe this is a feasible and often 
> effective approach.   The client may not be tech savvy, but if they've been 
> running a business for that long and they buy TV commercials (which leads 
> me to think they're somewhat profitable and large), then they're not 
> stupid, and they should see the logic in the facts contained in that kind 
> of document.  At the very worst it will make them that much smarter about 
> the topic and they will hold their new contractor more accountable and be 
> more difficult to bullshit.

Thanks to everyone for the interesting and insightful responses. I still haven't quite decided what approach to take. We wouldn't mind getting the client back (they are large and somewhat profitable), but it is also not the end of the world if we don't. I definitely know we don't want to contract for the new company, since IMO it would be an accountability nightmare, and I already question their business practices, seeing as how they tried to steal our stuff.

I actually had the biggest problem with the client calling me and complaining that we didn't return the calls to the new company - we take alot of pride in our business ethics and he should have known after four years of doing business with us that when I told him I would do everything reasonable to help them with the transition we meant it. Maybe we're taking things to personally, but that still doesn't change my feeling.

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