[thelist] Looking for CSS attributes & a question for you all about the way you use CSS on your pages

Jason Lustig lustig at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sat Jan 6 23:19:12 CST 2001

There are a few <table> attributes that I'm trying to figure out what the
corresponding CSS attributes are. They are:


Does anyone know what the CSS attributes are for these? I tried the
"cellspacing" and "cell-spacing" style attributes, and neither worked.

Also, I know that the idea is to use CSS-P to position _everything_ on a
page, like tables except using <div> tags. I'm just curious to know how many
of you use this instead of tables. IMHO, it's not all that
backward-compatable, and that drags it down. I'd love to do it that way but
older browser that can't support stylesheets or mess them up really make it
impossible for me to do it unfortunately.



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