[thelist] Frames question

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Sun Jan 7 05:28:13 CST 2001

Sorry to chime in so late (...Reserve Drill Weekend) but I think the
underlying problem on why this thing doesn't work as anticipated is the two
*'s.  The first one designates that it should will the remaining space as
calculated by subtracting the sum of the others from the available space, as
does the last *.  The browser may simply be getting confused.  I'd suggest
only using one wildcard.

FYI, setting two cells in different columns to 100% tends to confuse
browsers too, and setting a lower cell to a percent width if the top of the
table has exact widths tends to confuse browsers.  Remember, try to think as
a program would think, as far as not necessarily knowing your intent.  It
tries to calculate unknowns from knows.

Gotta run.  Perhaps I'll post more on thinking like a program later.


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