[thelist] Looking for CSS attributes & a question for you all about the way

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 7 05:46:12 CST 2001

>There are a few <table> attributes that I'm trying to figure out what the
>corresponding CSS attributes are. They are:
>Does anyone know what the CSS attributes are for these? I tried the
>"cellspacing" and "cell-spacing" style attributes, and neither worked.

You should be able to get the effect by setting the margins and paddings of 
the TD's, but in practice it doesn't work. I still use good old cellspacing 
and cellpadding in the TABLE tag, anything else is unreliable.

>Also, I know that the idea is to use CSS-P to position _everything_ on a
>page, like tables except using <div> tags. I'm just curious to know how 
>of you use this instead of tables.

Not me. A friend of mine did on his site, but I just looked and he's back to 
tables too.

CSS-P is one of those buzzwords that it's better to ignore. O, you can do 
nice things with position declarations, but some people seem to think CSS-P 
is the best thing since the invention of browsers and it isn't.

>IMHO, it's not all that
>backward-compatable, and that drags it down. I'd love to do it that way but
>older browser that can't support stylesheets or mess them up really make it
>impossible for me to do it unfortunately.

Correct. By using tables you avoid these problems.


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