[thelist] Frames question

Comharsa comharsa at clara.net
Sun Jan 7 08:36:12 CST 2001

At 13:54 07/01/01, Michael Galvin found time to write:

>The (perhaps mistaken) point of the 2 *s was to center the content frames
>(20,343,80,20) in the middle of the window.  In theory, if the res. was
>1024x768 or more, you'd get a lot of space at the top and bottom, rather
>than just a big ugly space at the bottom.  Then the frames would degrade
>gracefully as the resolution lowered.

Not mistaken, you can have 2 *s without any problem. It will centre the 
other frames as any spare space will be shared equally between those two.

comharsa at clara.net

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