RV: [thelist] Web work in London?

Jesus Gonzalez Gorriti Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es
Mon Jan 8 11:58:26 CST 2001

I work and live in Spain but I have been
in London for a while and have a few friends
working in net companies over there, so I guess
I can speak a bit about it.

Life is VERY expensive. And salaries ain't that

Example: You can get a 30k pounds a year salary if
you work as Web Developer/Designer. Before taxes. :)
And expect to pay around 200-300 pounds a week for
renting a room in a shared house. And London houses
tend to be small.

Food is damn expensive too as well as most free time
related activities such as restaurants, cinema, etc.
A tshirt tends to cost around 15 pounds.

On the other hand London is a great place. There
is always something happening somewhere. (www.timeout.com)
There are shops that sells things you would never ever
found somewhere else, pubs all around, great discos,
awesome museums (the new Tate Modern by Herzog and De Meuron
is breathtaking, and Norman Foster lives in that city for feck's
sake). You will love London. And you will probably end hating it
to. An american friend of mine compared it to New York (I've
been to NY, but never lived there).

(I am secretly in love with London, really)

How about this info for a starter?

Jesús Gorriti // Art Direction Designer // IconMedialab Spain

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Asunto: [thelist] Web work in London?

What kind of freelance and full-time Web work is available
in London and what does it pay? I'm currently a Web
developer in Austin, Texas in the U.S., where I make a nice
living, and I'm wondering how that would change if I
relocated to London. One factor I'm aware of is London's
high cost of living. Do Web jobs pay enough to off-set that?

I'd appreciate any feedback from Web designers/developers
working in London, and especially from those who moved there
from the U.S.

(I have four years experience in client- and server-side
scripting (e.g., HTML, Javascript, ASP) as well as in
managing large-scale Web application development.)


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