[thelist] Getting a Block of IPs

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Mon Jan 8 12:29:26 CST 2001

Sounds like good advice. The only time I've been involved in getting a block
of IP's was through PSINet UK - however this was around 5 or so years ago at
a time when they always gave their customers a class C address. I have no
idea what sort of hoops one would have to jump through to get one now.


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> Q - Someone asked about requesting from InterNIC a block of IPs.
> A - You can't get IPs from InterNIC, you get them from Arin.
> ( http://www.arin.net/ ) However, Arin will not talk to you directly, 
> unless you are an ISP. And even then they may direct you to 
> the upstream 
> ISP that provides your connection to the backbone.
> Your best bet is to contact your ISP and negotiating a block 
> from them.
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