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There's *lots*. And Web Jobs do pay pretty well, particularly
if you've got backend smarts.

Freelancing might be a bit tricky - it'd take a while to build up contacts
and get business going.

You *will* need to get a Visa. This may not be as easy as you would
think. I know plenty of Aussies, Kiwis & South Africans manage - it's
officially a working holiday - you come here for a year and can work
for up to 6 months.

The other way is to get a job here *before you go*, who will sponsor your
visa. You won't be able to change jobs, though, once you're here, which
could really suck.

One option could be to join a global firm like http://www.ixl.com/ and transfer
over here. IXL have a London office (and are pretty good)

Possibly your best bet is to be a contractor. This means that you form your
own company, and an agency will sell your skills as (almost) a full-time
to whoever for 6 month blocks. This is *very* well paid, but you have to look
your own tax etc (or rather pay an accountant to do it for you).

Agencies should also be able to help you with Visas

Agencies to talk to:

Also get your CV on the likes of
If your CV is good, then you'll get *lots* of calls from agencies.

If you want a look at an effective way to structure and write your CV, take a
at mine: http://www.easyweb.co.uk/cv/cv.html


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Subject:  [thelist] Web work in London?

What kind of freelance and full-time Web work is available
in London and what does it pay? I'm currently a Web
developer in Austin, Texas in the U.S., where I make a nice
living, and I'm wondering how that would change if I
relocated to London. One factor I'm aware of is London's
high cost of living. Do Web jobs pay enough to off-set that?

I'd appreciate any feedback from Web designers/developers
working in London, and especially from those who moved there
from the U.S.

(I have four years experience in client- and server-side
scripting (e.g., HTML, Javascript, ASP) as well as in
managing large-scale Web application development.)


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