[thelist] Web work in London?

Keni keni at barwick.net
Mon Jan 8 13:09:26 CST 2001

Whilst I agree that London is expensive, if your willing to travel to live
here in the first place, then traveling an hour or a bit longer will enable
to commute from the rest of the south England.

Thats how I do it

From: Jesus Gonzalez Gorriti <Jesus.Gorriti at iconmedialab.es>
Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 4:37 PM
Subject: RV: [thelist] Web work in London?

> Life is VERY expensive. And salaries ain't that
> high.
> Example: You can get a 30k pounds a year salary if
> you work as Web Developer/Designer. Before taxes. :)
> And expect to pay around 200-300 pounds a week for
> renting a room in a shared house. And London houses
> tend to be small.
> Food is damn expensive too as well as most free time
> related activities such as restaurants, cinema, etc.
> A tshirt tends to cost around 15 pounds.
> On the other hand London is a great place. There
> is always something happening somewhere. (www.timeout.com)
> There are shops that sells things you would never ever
> found somewhere else, pubs all around, great discos,
> awesome museums (the new Tate Modern by Herzog and De Meuron
> is breathtaking, and Norman Foster lives in that city for feck's
> sake). You will love London. And you will probably end hating it
> to. An american friend of mine compared it to New York (I've
> been to NY, but never lived there).
> (I am secretly in love with London, really)

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