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> Life is VERY expensive. And salaries ain't that
> high.

Granted; but the cost of living is an interesting
combination of rent+travel+entertainments.

The beer here is generally cheaper than most of
north-western Europe, for example...  and if you
live within about 5 miles of the centre of town
the tube, whilst more expensive than most, is

2 things *not* to do in Britain from a price
point of view are driving (petrol costs about
4x what it does in North America) and smoking
(pack of 20 now costs about $6.50).

> Example: You can get a 30k pounds a year salary if
> you work as Web Developer/Designer. Before taxes. :)
> And expect to pay around 200-300 pounds a week for
> renting a room in a shared house.

Erm - no.  Where I live a one-bedroom flat costs
around £150-200 a week.  Sharing's cheaper.

> Food is damn expensive too as well as most free time
> related activities such as restaurants, cinema, etc.
> A tshirt tends to cost around 15 pounds.

I suspect that the difference between S and N Europe
is much greater than the difference between London
and the US.  I was in Chicago last year and the prices
were about the same in this category.

Income wise, basic web work isn't that well paid
(which is odd since there's still something of
a shortage of web designers who can find their
own arse with both hands) - but if you can code
ASP as the questioner can or (better still) know
a lot of Perl, then I've seen recruitment agencies
usually offer £35-42k.  Beware, however: those
are usually dull blue-chip gigs.

John Handelaar

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