[thelist] Image animations/loops

Jeff Lucido jlucido at j2-digital.com
Mon Jan 8 14:41:26 CST 2001


First, happy new year to all. I hope things are getting off to a smooth
start for everyone.

I was hoping someone on the list may be able to help me out with a
problem I am having. I am in need of a image looping solution for a web
project. More specifically, I have a directory full of images that I
would like to loop through automatically and display in a web page. I
found an example of pretty much exactly what I am looking for at the
following URL:


The implementation they are using on this site is exactly what I am
looking for (it is a Java applet). I have searched all over the net this
morning looking for an applet that will do this very function (or
something similar), but I have had no luck finding one. Specifically,
the ones that I have found will loop through a group of images that are
named the exact same, minus a counter item (i.e., img001, img002,
img003, etc.) This is a problem as well since the images I have to
display are date driven. Therefore I need to be able to feed the applet
a text file or something of the like with the files I want displayed.

Does anyone know of any solutions like the one listed above that I can
implement (fee based is fine too!). Thanks for all of your help in

Kind regards,

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