[thelist] Content Freshness Agent - How to implement?

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Mon Jan 8 15:40:26 CST 2001

> The piece I'm missing is the agent that would do the crawling of the site
> and matching of the dates. It would need to crawl the site database
> automatically on a periodic basis, such as once a day. Does anyone have
> ideas on how to implement such an agent?

I assume that the platform that agent would be running upon would be Windows
NT? If so, look into AT commands. You would just have AT call your ASP script
every X seconds/minutes/hours/whatever. Then, you can do anything with the ASP
script that you can do in ASP. But, if you're running it frequently, make sure
you balance things out with stored procs, etc.


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