[thelist] Image animations/loops

Jeff Lucido jlucido at j2-digital.com
Mon Jan 8 16:22:29 CST 2001

Aardvark, et. all:

I can do either one in this regard. I would prefer server-side since I
will have to generate some sort of text document telling the script
which images to display since the image names are based on the time the
picture was taken (i.e., no consistency in the name).

Thanks for the help!

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> From: "Jeff Lucido" <jlucido at j2-digital.com>
> I was hoping someone on the list may be able to help me out with a
> problem I am having. I am in need of a image looping solution for a
> project. More specifically, I have a directory full of images that I
> would like to loop through automatically and display in a web page. I
> found an example of pretty much exactly what I am looking for at the
> following URL:

are you able to use server-side script, or do you need a client-side-
only solution?

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