[thelist] CF Question: Permutation of right(string, count)

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cripes, everyone's doing it these days.  ;)

On a db-backed site you'll find there's a bunch of settings you'll want the 
administrator to be able to set (for example, the "From" name to put on 
emails generated by the website).

One way of handling this is with a db table called something like 
"settings". This one table will hold all site settings.  It's just three 
columns: settingid, settingkey, settingvalue.  (The settingkey should be 
indexed, and unique - in fact, you could make it the primary key and do 
away with settingid)

The admin interface simply modifies these records.

I suggest you either cache the query, or store the data in application 
variables. For example, in Cold Fusion your application initialiser might 
retrieve all the settings records, and loop through each one copying it to 
an application.settings structure.


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