[thelist] X-evolt: WHAT!!?

deboute benjamin deboute at fr.clara.net
Mon Jan 8 23:15:48 CST 2001

At 17:42 31/12/2000 -0500, you wrote:

>>  X-evolt: A wholey owned susidiary of Lycos Inc.
>Lucy! You've got some 'splaining to do!

yo, okay : )

some while ago, when i was far less overbooked by work than now, i was a 
frequent poster to this list.
some day, we went X-evolt frenzied, a large thread then started [ the 
history as named the event as the Grand X-evolt Thread ] and i wrote some 
X-evolts, one night, very late [ rather soon ].
i compiled them on my website, so people that wasn't there during the Grand 
X-evolt Thread can allow themselves the delicious bliss of delightly carved 
netslave humour, that is now sooooo twentieth century.
And this one is a reference to the lycos ascquisation of WIRED that started 
Evolt in a way,and i dont think it was mine : )

deboute benjamin
righful owner of nerdsoul.com
overworked lurker

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