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Niklaus Haldimann n.haldimann at derbund.ch
Tue Jan 9 04:57:26 CST 2001

Martin P Burns wrote:
>To be honest, the only arguments I've seen against him are:
>   "He charges $n,000 a day and I'm such a weenie. I don't like him"
>   "I'm a crack-addict and can't wean myself off the flashy stuff"
>   "His site is, like, soooooooooooooooo ugly"
>   "I'm too lazy to learn how to write HTML properly"

Speaking of wich ... You think Jakob's site is ugly? Redesign it!
Pretty cool idea. The site hasn't changed in a while though, I'm not sure
if the project's still alive.


<tip type="http authentication">
Password protection is really not that hard. Assuming you are running
Apache in an unix environment ...

1. Write this in a text file and call it ".htaccess":

AuthType Basic
AuthName " "
AuthUserFile .htpasswd
require valid-user

2. Store the file in the directory you would like to protect.

3. Go to your unix prompt (or telnet to your server). Go to the directory
where you put the htaccess-file.

4. Enter "htpasswd -c .htpasswd yourusername" at the prompt, where
"yourusername" is the user you want to create. You're prompted to enter and
confirm the password for that user.

5. Your done. Check any file within the now protected directory on the web. 

6. Repeat step 4 withtouh the -c parameter to add more users.

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