[thelist] thesite

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Jan 9 09:53:26 CST 2001

>Where is thesite's list at, anyway?

hi john


>  The quote at the bottom was kinda funny :-)
>   http://www.newmediawhore.com/arf.gif

   "Evolt.org is a community of people desperately
     trying to use nothing but style sheets, and getting their
     collective asses kicked in the process."

this is actually the current quote on http://test.evolt.org/

whoever it was that took that screenshot must've caught us with our pants
down (so to speak) as we moved the cold fusion template from test to live,
before it got fixed up to its current state of propreity

i'm all in favour of rotating new quotes in there, much like we do with the
X-evolt mail header

in fact, there was one in your post yesterday, john, that i thought was
pretty neat

   evolt.org -- web designers who can find their own arse with both hands


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