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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 9 11:51:29 CST 2001

> From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
> >  The quote at the bottom was kinda funny :-)
> >   http://www.newmediawhore.com/arf.gif
>    "Evolt.org is a community of people desperately
>      trying to use nothing but style sheets, and getting their
>      collective asses kicked in the process."

oops... that was me... when i was building the templates to turn 
isaac's design into compliant HTML that degraded well and had all 
styling handled by CSS, i was having a hella time getting the CSS 
to work properly for all CSS-friendly browsers, without differences in 
support resulting in pages that were illegible for some, and wonky 
for others... so, yeah, i wrote that when i was having a bad night...

> this is actually the current quote on http://test.evolt.org/
> whoever it was that took that screenshot must've caught us with our pants
> down (so to speak) as we moved the cold fusion template from test to live,
> before it got fixed up to its current state of propreity

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