[thelist] Site Review; [was Apple helps web developers]

Jay Greenspan jay at trans-city.com
Tue Jan 9 17:18:26 CST 2001

on 1/8/01 10:17 PM, Miraz Jordan at miraz at firstbite.co.nz wrote:

> Just seen this site mentioned on MacNN:
> <http://developer.apple.com/internet/>
> Apple have put together a site to help web developers. It covers
> HTML, CSS, Fonts, Graphics, Javascript and even includes a link to
> evolt's browser archive.

I had been mentally steeling myself -- through yoga, meditation, watching
old episodes of Kung Fu -- to present this site to Evolt under the classic
subject "Site Review". Beleive me, one does not present a Web devlopment
site to this crowd without some trepidation.

I have been working with Developer Relations at Apple
to build content for the site that addresses known
cross-platform/cross-browser issues. The site also supports principles
long-practiced by many on this list: thorough testing, adherence to
standards (when possible), and degradablilty. This is just the start, and I
know that Apple hopes this site will be helpful for the community.

As for my role: I managed the content for the site. So, as it concerns this
list, I'm most interested in the your opinions about the articles. But if
you notice any design/layout/markup issues, I will make sure they get


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