[thelist] RE: PHP 'proof of concept' virus developed

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Tue Jan 9 20:00:26 CST 2001

mattwarden wrote:
Ouch, that was a little long-winded. Hmmmm... if anything starts that debate
up again, it probably will this email. Oh well.

you said it, Matt.

My ISP runs Unix/Apache & has recently began offering PHP/MySQL 
support.  That's why I'm interested in it.  Not to mention I've found great 
online support for questions I've had, and, the clencher, it doesn't belong 
to Microsoft.

Walter wrote:
Why not download a copy and try it out? It's free, after all -- there are
great how-to books available, too. And you cannot beat the user support

see, another damn PHP representative.


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