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> From the article:
> > The majority of websites that integrate user interaction
> > and personalisation rely on PHP
> Since when?

Since the folks over at AVX.com said so, silly ;)

I suspect that they're just trying to drum up business. I also suspect that
author from vnunet might be guilty of a little laziness.

Examine this passage from vnunet:
"PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages and is used to develop
ecommerce sites and those with heavy content. "

Now this earlier article from AVX.Com:
"PHP (www.php.net), is one of the most popular scripting languages used in the
development of e-commerce and heavy content websites. "

Perhaps the author doesn't quite understand the technologies and hence has to
take the easy way out. I also notice that the author (vnunet) apparently has not
done much in the way of research. The only person he seemed to consult was
"Steven Sundermeier, product manager at Central Command". Central Command owns
AVX Software. There may be a slight conflict of interest here.

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