[thelist] Content Freshness Agent - How to implement?

Ben Gustafson cbg3 at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 9 22:40:26 CST 2001

> Memo from Martin P Burns of PricewaterhouseCoopers
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> You're starting to get into Content Management System territory -


> The difference is now there *are* systems on the market which will do this
for you.

I'm looking for system that nonprofit organizations will be able to afford,
and will be useful for running a typical nonprofit's Web site. Therefore,
Broadvision and its ilk are out cost alone. The list on Camworld at
http://www.camworld.com/cms/ has a couple interesting options, such as the
Arsdigita Community System and Zope. I'll have to do some more checking to
see which have content expiration features. But you're right that there's
probably no need to re-invent the wheel (or the CMS).

> Are these flat pages, or are they served from a database/template system?

Served from a database/template system.

> If the latter, it can't be too hard to identify them.
> If you want to expire/archive them, *then* it gets fun, as you then also
have to keep track of incoming links...

I'm not thinking so much about automatically expiring them. Just letting
someone know that there's a page on their site that needs to change, because
something on it (an event, for example) has passed. Then someone can go in
and make the necessary change to the page.


> Cheers
> Martin

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