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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 10 04:07:27 CST 2001


: From: CDitty
: It shows me that my problems are with my local
: ISP.  :(  Someone pity me.  PLEASE.  They tried to
: blame my slowdowns for email, ftp, and browser
: on my browser cache.  When I informed him that
: email doesn't go thru the browser, I was informed
: that it does.

apparently it goes through the browser cache for them.  it could for you too
if you'd only set hotmail as your standard for company email client.

<tip type="ColdFusion" author=".jeff">

using <cftransaction> to make sure that certain processes all run as a block
and get rolled back if there are any errors?  that's smart of you.

be careful putting a <cflocation> inside the <cftransaction> or a <cfmail>.
both will cause the page to halt execution prior to closing the
<cftransaction> resulting in the database calls you're likely protecting to
fail every time.


good luck,


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