[thelist] RE: document.write() into a pop-up window

Jason E. Burk jasonb at halstead-architects.com
Wed Jan 10 10:43:26 CST 2001

"Ornstein, Ian" wrote:

> I have once seen a JavaScript example that opened a window with
> window.open() without actually calling any URL and used document.write() (I
> think) to write a full HTML document directly into the newly opened window.

does what you're writing to the new window have any dynamic information
included?  in other words, is it based on a user input at some time?

you could always call a javascript file [*.js] in the onLoad and have the
<html> you want entered in the pop-up to be included in the *.js file -- but
this would be static.  i'm not sure how you could make the *.js file
dynamically edited without something like *.asp or some other server-side

iwwat [it was worth a try].

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