[thelist] Site Critique

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Jan 10 11:25:26 CST 2001

Hi, Chris --

In general it looks good. A few things jump out at me.

About the little b&w pictures: It took me a few clicks to figure out that
the pictures in the far left column had something to do with the row of
pictures next to the Moore Medical logo. Having the picture disappear from
row and move to the left hand column doesn't really seem to add anything and
made me think initially that something was breaking. I'd leave the picture
in the row.

I'd also put something in that left hand column on the home page. It helps
balance out the whitespace. Without it, the home page has a big left to
right, top to bottom slash to it.

When I click on "Buy Supplies", three things happen, and I'm thinking two of
them shouldn't:

1) A new window launches with Moore Medical's Podiatry section. This is
okay, but it would be nice to indicate somehow that the link will open a new
window, especially since it's visually so different.

2a) A new window for Podiatry Online opens up. !?

2b) In that new window, the "Buy Supplies" button is gone. !?

Also, the "Buy Supplies" link doesn't seem to work from any pages other than
the home page.


> We've just had one of our affiliate sites redone by an outside
> firm and I am looking for some input from people.
> How are load speeds?  What do you think of the look? Etc?
> www.podiatryonline.com
> Thanks
> Chris

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