[thelist] Table Problem

Tijs Teulings tijs at framfab.nl
Wed Jan 10 11:41:26 CST 2001

form tags always use up some extra pixels. try putting the opening and closing form tags in between
the tr's of the table.

<input stuff...

This usually works since the form now falls 'outside of the document flow'.


tijs at tijs.org

> Hi All,
>  Could someone take a look at this page
> http://www.dzyne3.com/test/site_map.html the table row that contains the
> search box should not be as tall as it is. I had wanted it to be only as
> high as the search box but it seems to be adding an extra 20 pixels or so at
> the bottom. I'm sure it is some stupid little thing I am over looking but I
> just cant figure it out.
> Thanks in advance
> Brent Martino
> Fuse
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