[thelist] Web work in London?

Kerin Cosford kerin.cosford at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 10 12:02:09 CST 2001

> And you'd have to be stark raving bonkers to
> have a car in London anyway. Outwith the rush hour,
> public transport is quite good, and during it, driving
> is just not going to happen anyway.

Yup, considerinf driving in London is a ridiculous idea. Theres no point. A
months tube pass (assuming you live in zone 2) is under £70, and you can get
around easily enough. Assuming you know the 'insider' knowledge of the Tube.
Like, don't use the circle line.

> you won't be able to smoke in an
> office.

Not always. I'm working for a London design agency just now, and we can
smoke at our desks. But thats the exception to the rule, really.

> Good HTML editor (FrontPage is liked in a lot of corporates -
>  InterDev if you're doing ASP)

I've found that hand-coding client-side is in demand just now (which is what
I do). Handcoding of HTML, ECMA, CSS go down a treat. But yeah, the big boys
in the City are crying out for ASP guys. I know an alright amount of ASP,
and its on my CV, and I get phone calls out the wazoo from agencies trying
to get me in senior ASP roles.

> And because the skills
> are in demand, changing jobs is *easy* - easier than stopping ****ing
> agencies calling you. I had to put this page up:
> http://www.easyweb.co.uk/index.html
> and change my mobile number to get away from them.

Tell me about it. Its a nightmare. I actually now have two mobiles - one for
daily use, and one for the agencies to call. Its permanently turned off - I
just check the messages once or twice a day, and call back the 1 or 2 out of
the 15 or so that I get.


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