[thelist] Content Freshness Agent - How to implement?

Brown, Robert Robert.Brown at lot21.com
Wed Jan 10 13:22:26 CST 2001

www.roxen.com - saw these guys at Macworld, I would check them out, pricing
starts at 12,000 USD. 

The demonstration was amazing... but of course glitz and glitter was all
over it.

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>I'm looking for system that nonprofit organizations will be able to afford,
>and will be useful for running a typical nonprofit's Web site. Therefore,
>Broadvision and its ilk are out cost alone. The list on Camworld at
>http://www.camworld.com/cms/ has a couple interesting options, such as the
>Arsdigita Community System and Zope. I'll have to do some more checking to
>see which have content expiration features. But you're right that there's
>probably no need to re-invent the wheel (or the CMS).

Zope might be worth a look. And there's no harm in asking Allaire et all for
a donation - hell, even MS give away software as part of their charitable

>> Are these flat pages, or are they served from a database/template system?
>Served from a database/template system.
>> If the latter, it can't be too hard to identify them.

So you have a field in the db for the review date, and do a query against
every day. Sounds like cake to me.

>I'm not thinking so much about automatically expiring them. Just letting
>someone know that there's a page on their site that needs to change,
>something on it (an event, for example) has passed. Then someone can go in
>and make the necessary change to the page.

Remember to reset the review date at that point.

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