[thelist] Anchor tags in NS4 CSS

Andy Olsen andyo at tds.net
Wed Jan 10 15:00:26 CST 2001

I'm trying to get a style sheet to work in NS4.x. However,  NS does not 
seem to recognize the tags for The "A" anchor tag. Or, it just recognizes 
one of them. I've followed the documentation very closely.

I checked the bugs list at
Didn't find any advice on this.

When I go to the CSS pages, I get the

I the section under "Anchor Pseudo-classes" it suggests the syntax.

           A:link    { color: red }
           A:active  { color: blue; font-size: 125% }
           A:visited { color: green; font-size: 85% }

I have used this, directly and it does not work.

I have tried:
- Checking colors in the <BODY> tag of my test page. Not set.
- Checking my refresh for new pages. Yes, that's fine.

Has anyone else encountered this? 

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