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deboute benjamin ben at fr.clara.net
Wed Jan 10 15:04:26 CST 2001


i opened an account at sourceforge, cleaned some bugs in the inscription 
process, tarred a new load, desactivated the test account [ftp 
password.........], and have started putting all this on paper.

the concept is to create an application that would allow anyone to host his 
weblog[s], but also [with a different db strcture] to allow any 
ASP/ISP/Random.Joe.with.a.server to host and manage weblogs.

the mere motor looks vaguely finished, still some thingies i haven't 
tested, parse errors may exist :)
i don't have passed a lot of time on it, so it has been quite created in a 
hurry, on the fly...
don't blame me for the code, it's not even an alpha, but it may give you an 
idea of the thing.

i want to etudiate, once it's stable, the macanisms of publishing against 
multi-templates, expressions-driven [custom tags/pseudo language] 
formatting, content type extension, index archive thinking, in order to 
allow freeweblog to manage online magazines.

i'll post the url of the sourceforge page in the list, in case anybody is 
interested in joining the future development group.

infrastrucure :: PHP, MySQL

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