[thelist] Web work in London?

Kerin Cosford kerin.cosford at ntlworld.com
Wed Jan 10 15:15:26 CST 2001

I think that 35k was in GBP(£). I work contract, so it doesnt really work
like that - I'm on around £200 a day, give or take. But it goes up and down,
and Im not always working.

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> > Tell me about it. Its a nightmare. I actually now have two
> > mobiles - one for
> > daily use, and one for the agencies to call. Its permanently
> > turned off - I
> > just check the messages once or twice a day, and call back the 1
> > or 2 out of
> > the 15 or so that I get.
> >
> > Kerin.
> This has made me quite curious -- do you all feel that you get paid a
> wage? If I had 15 phone calls a day for my services, I would expect to be
> paid quite well once I settled on something. Are they really beating down
> your door and then only offering ~35k (this is in American dollars,
> - amanda
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