[thelist] New to evolt?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Jan 10 16:25:27 CST 2001

We've had a bunch of new people subscribe to thelist in the past couple 
days, and whenever we get an influx of members, I like to take some time 
to send out an email like this :)

First off, if you're new to evolt and/or thelist, welcome! Take your 
time to get accustomed to the atmosphere, and feel free to post a 
comment whenever you're ready. Before you hit that send button, make 
sure you read thelist guidelines at


You've probably meandered this way because you heard or read that the 
evolt mailing list(thelist) is a super smurfy, high quality, high 
signal/low noise list. Please do your part to keep it this way by 
reading and following the guidelines in the URL above. :)
Whether that means checking the archive ( http://lists.evolt.org/archive 
) for a previously discussed topic or cutting that 25 line sig file from 
your outgoing emails, your new evolt comrades will appreciate it.

Some things you should be instantly aware of include:

If you post *anything* in your email other than plain text, it will get 
caught by my patented 'Black Hole' software where it will sit in eternal 
pergatory as it waits for my approval - which happens about as often as 
a Jesse Jackson commencment speach at Bob Jones University - while it 
watches other more fortunate postings to thelist stroll through the 
pearly gates of thelist heaven. All the while leaving you, the poster, 
to ponder why no one has responded to your 
question/quip/quamment/qwhatever. In other words, don't send 
attachments, HTML or RTF formatted email, vcards, so on and so forth. :)

If you post an off-topic email to thelist, you owe a <tip>. Of course, 
you've already read http://lists.evolt.org/listinfo.html and know all 
about tips!

I'm Dan, the guy who pretty much runs this list. I have the uncanny 
ability to turn any short and concise email into a rather long, tangent 
filled, spelling mistake ridden post, similar to this one! If you have 
any questions or problems with your new evolt account, feel free to 
contact me off list and we'll work out the problems.

Do post messages with a descriptive subject(e.g. table layouts in 
netscape 6; NOT: help!!!!!). Do not post messages with something like:

"I need someone to fix my javascript/table/css/whatever problem at 
http://lazydeveloper.com/me thanks."

I mean, you can try posting something like that, but you probably won't 
hear much back. evolt members help those who help themselves; to quote 
Beericous 4.12: "Show a man how to tap a keg, and he'll drink for a 
night. *Teach* a man how to tap a keg and he'll drink for the rest of 
his life." Wiser words were never spoken, and the same principles hold 
true here on thelist. We're all about sharing, and we invite you to 
share as well. :)

I think thats pretty much everything.. Feel free to introduce yourself 
and jump in with questions or answers whenever you're comfortable! Most 
importantly have some fun and learn a thing or two :)


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