[thelist] Has anyone worked with dual IE versions?

Candace Maynard Candace.Maynard at popart.com
Wed Jan 10 18:43:27 CST 2001

Hi Ari--

On the screen, things cutting off has something do with the way
stylesheets are implemented in the different browsers.  Block level
elements like <div> and <table> interact with each other differently in
different versions of IE.  You can look this up on the web under
stylesheets and browser versions.  If I can find the link I'll send it
to you.  Anyway, on paper, I couldn't tell you if the same is true.

Different browsers: this isn't a problem doing this on a Mac, but on a
PC it's going to be tougher because the browser is built into the
operating system.  How I have done it:
subdivide your hard drive and install the newest browser on one
partition only.  You will need to keep the operating systems separate.
If someone else can offer an easier solution, you should take it,
because this really isn't my forte.  Being forced to do it has just
given me some experience.

Hope this helps.


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Hi all...

It appears I am having a problem printing pages on our website,
where if someone has IE5.5, it gets cut off on either the side or the
But with IE5.0, it prints fine.

Therefore, since I have IE5.5 installed on my workstation, is it a
to also install IE5.0, or does that cause conflicts? I recall seeing a
workaround at one point, but don't know if it is reliable. I am running


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