[thelist] w3c, <OBJECT>, and <EMBED> tags

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed Jan 10 19:07:27 CST 2001


Does anyone know the current thinking on using <OBJECT> and <EMBED> 
tags? I know the embed tag is not part of any w3 spec, but I cannot 
seem to get a flash movie to load on either netscape (4 or 6) or ie 
(5) when using only the object tag.

Of course, enclosing the embed tag in the object one works fine -- 
but it made me curious to find out if anyone knew what the status of 
the object tag was for multimedia (quicktime / flash / mp3?). And 
yes, I did have a nosey around at www.w3.org -- and no, I didn't find 
anything authoritative in their html4 or xhtml specs, or with the 
search engine.

Any ideas?



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