OT - RE: [thelist] New to evolt?

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Thu Jan 11 02:32:28 CST 2001

Dan, shouldn't that quote be: "Tap a keg for a man, and he'll drink for a 
night. *Teach* a man how to tap a keg and he'll drink for the rest of 
his life."?

Just wondering!

(Blimey, I'd really better tip that hadn't I!)

<tip type="Time Planning Software">

If you (like me) are one of those fatidious people who like to plan projects
with care, you'll almost certainly need to get used to creating Gantt
Charts. A Gantt Chart is one of those stepped, almost waterfall-like charts
you may have seen on your project-leader's desk. It's also a great way of
planning any project that can be broken-down in time -based steps.

You can find some basic information about what Gantt Charts are and why you
need them at the following links:


Microsoft Project is a tool that allows you to do many project planning
tasks including building very intrictate and detailed Gantt Charts. However
if your needs are more modest, one of the following may be of help.

There's a web-based Gantt Chart tool here:

and a good downloadable Gantt generator with a 30 day trial to get you
started here:


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