[thelist] Re: harddrive letters

Keni keni at barwick.net
Thu Jan 11 05:06:28 CST 2001

Just done this myself!

if windows is on c then just copy all stuff on e to d
first make sure to close all progs inc findfast using ctrl alt and del.

that should do it.

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> I have just bought a new hard disk. When put it into my computer it called
> itself D: This would be okay, except that I already had a hard drive which
> was partitioned into C: (with windows and system stuff) and D: (which had
> everything else). Because the new drive has now called itself D:, my old
> is now E:. This means that all my shortcuts don't work and many program
> settings will have to be changed from D: to E:. I can't seem to find any
> to change the letters of the drives. Is it possible and if so then how?
> I am running a PC with Win98.
> your help in this problem would be much appreciated,
> Cedric Wooding
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