[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

Madhu Menon madhum at trisoft.net
Thu Jan 11 05:09:28 CST 2001

Our company requires that *everyone* fill in daily timesheets on our
Intranet - right up to the departmental heads 

Very few people, including entry-level people are actually filling in their
daily timesheets.Management is wondering how to increase compliance. 

What do you think of this practice? Are filling timesheets an effective way
of keeping track of what people are doing? Personally, I find that I'm
almost always doing several different things at any given time, and it's
very hard for me to put down any ONE thing as an activity for any given
hour. I've tried (unsuccessfully) to argue this out.

I'm interested in hearing other peoples' experiences with timesheets. FYI,
people are NOT paid by the hour here. Everyone gets salaries. 



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