[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

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> Subject: [thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?
> Very few people, including entry-level people are actually 
> filling in their
> daily timesheets.Management is wondering how to increase compliance. 
> What do you think of this practice? Are filling timesheets an 
> effective way
> of keeping track of what people are doing? Personally, I find that I'm
> almost always doing several different things at any given time, and it's
> very hard for me to put down any ONE thing as an activity for any given
> hour. I've tried (unsuccessfully) to argue this out.

In all honesty, it never hurt anyone to fill out timesheets
in 15-minute slabs - quite the reverse.  You end up with
a radically improved understanding of where all your time
is going (which usually results in finding out it's the
phone and switching the f***er off, but I digress).

I *would* wish that I had someone who could force me into
doing it myself, but the disadvantages of having a boss
hugely outweigh the advantages.

I recommend doing 15-minute timesheets for a fortnight
to everyone.  Unfortunately if you're self-disciplined
enough to do it, you probably don't need to....

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