[thelist] Table Problem

Tijs Teulings tijs at framfab.nl
Thu Jan 11 07:05:29 CST 2001

Altough I mostly agree with the argument you make (and i do try to make my sites standards
compliant) my comment was aimed at the practice of relying on a W3C validator as the "ultimate
truth". While this is fine for some sites, in real life sites have to work on the platforms you
agreed to with your client, and while in the case of the form tag there is also a compliant
solution, too many a time there isn't one. In my work i therefore try to learn juniors to test their
site on the required platforms and not in a validator. Hopefully they do learn the standards on the
way, at least they learn what works.

I don't know how to best influence browser makers but i do think a good way is to simply use what
you find useful. the :hover attribute is a good example of what i mean. Altough it wasn't W3C it's
now a standard because people use it.


> Hi Tijs
> That kind of worries me. Because the longer developers maintain
> the mindset of "I'm not bothered about standards until all the browsers
> and dev tools support them all", the longer the vendors will be able
> to justify the approach of "Our customers don't want them" and
> not build standards-compliant tools and browsers.
> It's a chicken and egg situation. And the only way out of it is to
> influence the bits we can ie the sites we build. (oh and lobby
> MS, NS, Adobe & Macromedia with the message that these
> things matter)
> Cheers
> Martin

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