[thelist] Re: hard drive letters

Ron White ronwhite at lists.evolt.org
Thu Jan 11 07:49:29 CST 2001

If you had used the Help section instead of expecting us to do your work you
would have found this:

To change the drive letter assignment for a disk or CD-ROM drive

Open the System Properties dialog box.
Click the Device Manager tab.
Click the plus sign next to the type of drive, and then double-click the
disk or CD-ROM drive for which you want to change the letter.
Click the Settings tab.
Under Reserved drive letters, change the drive letter assignment.
You can also open the System Properties dialog box by clicking Start,
pointing to Settings, clicking Control Panel, and then double-clicking
If the option to change the drive letter assignment is unavailable, you
cannot change the drive letter.

Use your local resources before you ask questions on thelist... I simply
opened the help and typed in drive and violá there's the answer....

Yes, lazy people bug me....

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