[thelist] TheList Relay Improvement

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jan 11 08:56:29 CST 2001

Ya, lists should be a boatload faster now, and its all because the 
people that contributed to the evolt equipment fund.

I had one person from chicago who wishes to remain anonymous ship me a 
nice pentium 90Mhz box with 16MB of RAM, and I was able to buy some old 
parts to assemble another 75Mhz pentium with 16Mb of RAM as well thanks 
to scott d.,meredith t., and chris d. for submitting contributions to 
the evolt equipment fund via paypal. This is what we have gotten out of 
it :)

The two machines might seem like trash to a lot of us, but they're 
acting as relay SMTP servers for our lists, and are about 123412321% 
faster than no relays at all. I'm still whoring myself for 
funds(djc at members.evolt.org on paypal) or old, unused equipment(email 
off list for address) to keep adding more machines like those above.

Happy to see some of you noticed the improved speed, I know I for one 
couldn't stand waiting a half hour just to see my own message show up on 
thelist(its about about 90-120 seconds now) :)

Thanks again to those who contributed!! I know we all appreciate you're 


David McCreath wrote:

>> That's much much faster.  Either that or everybody's asleep...
>> -joshua
> That's our list poppy, Dan tweaking the livin' crap out of some servers and
> software is what that is! Go Dan! Wahoo!

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