[thelist] Re: harddrive letters

Cedric Wooding cedric at torchbox.com
Thu Jan 11 09:07:29 CST 2001

maybe if you read my mail in full you would realise that I am using WIN98.
Yes this is what the help file says, and yes I tried it. However with a
fixed hard drive it is not possible to change the drive letters using this
method. I have looked under all the regular resources, I am in my 2nd week
of searching for an answer to my question. I wouldn't usually ask this type
of question on Evolt, but I was at my wits end.

I have tried to use FDISK, but can't see which function it is that I want.
None of them are obviously "change the drive letters". I can't find any help
documentation on FDISK.
thanks though - I'll persevere

read e-mails fully, follow the thread and don't give arsey out comments when
you don't know the full situation.


yes stupid arsey people bug me...

>If you had used the Help section instead of expecting us to do your work
>would have found this:
>To change the drive letter assignment for a disk or CD-ROM drive
>Open the System Properties dialog box.
>Click the Device Manager tab.
>Click the plus sign next to the type of drive, and then double-click the
>disk or CD-ROM drive for which you want to change the letter.
>Click the Settings tab.
>Under Reserved drive letters, change the drive letter assignment.
>You can also open the System Properties dialog box by clicking Start,
>pointing to Settings, clicking Control Panel, and then double-clicking
>If the option to change the drive letter assignment is unavailable, you
>cannot change the drive letter.
>Use your local resources before you ask questions on thelist... I simply
>opened the help and typed in drive and viol there's the answer....
>Yes, lazy people bug me....

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