[thelist] MouseOver for graphical submit buttons?

Walter Lee Davis waltd at wdstudio.com
Thu Jan 11 12:04:30 CST 2001

Thanks for pointing this out to me. I'm grateful for the learning. I'm
subscribed to digest, and the message saying that it was possible in IE 4+
et. al. came further down the list, and came as a suprise to me. I have
been coding for Netscape 4 for so long that I forget the larger universe.
If NS6 was more usable, I'd probably line up at the tag trough and smile.
(I'm dying hard over the unbelievable popularity of IE) I saw a site that
used CSS-styled browser buttons in IE5, and thought it looked cool. Then I
saw the same site in NS4, and saw how their careful layout was pulled out
of shape by the humongous browser button that replaced the one they
intended. Don't get me started about pull-down lists...


>> This isn't going to be possible in an <input type=image> graphic
>> submit button, since there isn't a link to attach the mouseover event
>> to in that case.
><soapbox argument that sounds like a rant, but isn't meant to be>
>	Folks, we need to be clear on this: IE 4+, Netscape 6, and at least
>Opera 5 *all* support images rollovers on image inputs (<input
>type="image">). Netscape 4.x does not. This question keeps popping up, and
>people continue to state -- incorrectly -- that it can't be done.
>	Whether you choose to implement them because not all users will see
>them, or whether you choose instead to implement an anchor-wrapped image
>rollover and use the submit() method, are philosophical questions that we
>can argue about. But whether rollovers on image inputs are possible on most
>browsers is not. They *do* work on most browsers.
></soapbox argument that sounds like a rant, but isn't meant to be>
>James Aylard

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