[thelist] MouseOver for graphical submit buttons?

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Thu Jan 11 12:39:30 CST 2001


> Thanks for pointing this out to me. I'm grateful for the learning. I'm
> subscribed to digest, and the message saying that it was possible in IE 4+
> et. al. came further down the list, and came as a suprise to me. 	

	I understand. Until Dan's recent revamps to hardware and software,
the posting delays -- whether on digest or live list -- made coherent
conversations a bit challenging. BTW, I didn't mean to target you
individually, which is why I left your name off of my post. Others have made
the same mistake, and I just thought some general clarification was needed.

> I have
> been coding for Netscape 4 for so long that I forget the larger universe.

	And I am on the other side of that universe: primarily coding for an
IE-only Intranet (although I have an Internet project or two that keeps me
in touch with the way things work in nether worlds). I know how *easy* it is
to forget that a particular trick or technique may not be transferable
across the deep void.

> If NS6 was more usable, I'd probably line up at the tag 
> trough and smile.

	I don't want to start another battle over Netscape 6, but IMHO, its
arrival in this world was more than a bit premature. For practical purposes,
it is still an early-beta browser -- although I love what it can do, and its
promise of more.

> (I'm dying hard over the unbelievable popularity of IE) I saw a site that
> used CSS-styled browser buttons in IE5, and thought it looked cool. Then I
> saw the same site in NS4, and saw how their careful layout was pulled out
> of shape by the humongous browser button that replaced the one they
> intended.

	Yup. A good reminder of the need for cross-browser testing.
Especially for insular developers like ourselves. :)

James Aylard

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