[thelist] MouseOver for graphical submit buttons?

Candace Maynard Candace.Maynard at popart.com
Thu Jan 11 12:44:37 CST 2001

Those three browsers account for over 94% of all activity on the web.
If you're a House person, you say that it's population that matters.  If
you're a Senate person, you're all about equal representation.

I fall so heavily under the House category that I don't even think about
it anymore.  :)

What do these other 97+ browsers do, and what are the reasons supporting
coding for them?


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> >	Folks, we need to be clear on this: IE 4+, Netscape 6, and at
> > least Opera 5 *all* support images rollovers on image inputs
> > (<input type="image">). Netscape 4.x does not. This question
> > keeps popping up, and people continue to state -- incorrectly --
> > that it can't be done.
> > people continue to state -- incorrectly -- that it can't be done.
> > can argue about. But whether rollovers on image inputs are
> > possible on most browsers is not. They *do* work on most
> > browsers.

one note...

IE, NN, and Opera are three of over 100 browsers on the market...

i'd just qualify your statement with the idea that most of the 
browsers *in use* can handle this...

but by no means do most of the browsers handle this... in fact, 
only about 3% of them do...

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