[thelist] IIS file: Icon_: wtf is it?

Jake Stetser jake.stetser at headhunter.net
Thu Jan 11 13:03:30 CST 2001

The Mac file system stores custom file icons in an invisible file in each
folder. You're seeing how the Mac filesystem looks to another system that
doesn't fully understand it. 

Unless they really bother you, they don't hurt anything. But you should
check and see if their read-only bit is set (Properties) if you want to
delete them.

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So I'm moving this old site from Mac WebSTAR to NT IIS.  And I'm finding 
that the site is packed with more crap than my mom's attic.

I'm trying to clear out some of the dusty cobwebs.  The IIS web directory 
is mapped so that I can get to it on the network, without FTP.  But I'm 
trying to trash these old directories, and several of them contain these 
files (which I didn't see on the Mac server, only on the IIS server) called 
"Icon_".  They are represented with the generic windows icon, but grayed

According to my Windows machine, the "Icon_"  files cannot be deleted.

What are they, why are they there, and what do I do about it?



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