[thelist] Filling up timesheets - good or bad?

muinar muinar at gmx.net
Thu Jan 11 14:42:34 CST 2001

Timeless Time & Expense of www.magsoftwrx.com/ does
a good job for me. You click on the icon in the taskbar if
you start with a task, and you click again when you end
it. I am usually tracking by the minute - so I can even
track the minutes I spend answering emails to a client,
which easily add to hours at the end of a project (whether
you are actually billing by the minute, this is up to you).
I'm my own boss, and time-tracking is invaluable for running
a business.

At 09:20 11.01.01 -0800, Michael Collins wrote:
>I am also self-employed but can never get myself to write down how every 
>15 minute block of time was spent. I always find myself estimating at the 
>end of the day roughly how much I have spent on a project. I know how long 
>I have been at it and which projects I have worked on (which is usually 
>only one or two at a given time) and from there can assign hours toward 
>each project.

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